Design & Tradition

Moderne Tradition

Perfektes Design und ein Hauch von Luxus vereinen sich in dieser Handwerkskunst.

Many cultures claim that "chrochet" was invented by them.

We combine the old tradition of chrochet with the beautiful look of the pearl and design a new piece of jewellery. Silk or cotton thread and the type of our style to chrochet makes it almost impossible to destroy the band. Also there is no allergic reaction on your skin.

The individual style of the bracelets make it unique fitting different styles - glamour, business or casual.


We are your partner for individual handcrafted bead crochet bracelets. In our shop we carry different pieces of them. Each bracelet which created for you with real pearls will be Unique. Therefore we will guarantee the exclusiveness with a certificate which also will show the authenticity of it. We pay attention to your ideas and select exactly what is right for you. Our partners which are experts on the international jewellery market and myself as your direct partner will offer you comprehensive, detailed and personal advice at any time.

The private service to crochet your bracelet in your area will be part of the contract.



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© moe MIT IDEEN ZUM ERFOLG: All BEAD CROCHET BRACELETS BY KÖRNIGSKIND will be handcrafted by Birgit Körnig. Its not allowed for business reasons to duplicate or to copy any of the bracelts. More information you can find under "Impressum" Pictures: Birgit Körnig